Social Drive

These are our most popular events, where we first meet at a predetermined location. Once there the secret destination is revealed and maps are distributed. Typically, it is around an hour drive ending at a restaurant or pub for snacks, light refreshments and some good yarns. There are 8 Drive events planned for this year, with 2 in each of the university terms.


Grasskhanas are our paddock based autocross events. These events allow our members to bring along their cars and learn how to control their vehicles in a safe environment. We provide them with helmets and ensure their vehicles are in a safe manner. We typically try to run around four of these per year, depending on paddock availability.


Track days are run at Ruapuna Motorsport Park and are open to all Motosoc members and general public. We typically run 4 track days per year, with 1 in each university term. These days give our members a chance to push the limits of their cars in a safe environment, off the streets. We provide helmets and overalls for all those who attend and ensure scrutineering is carried out on all the vehicles. These are a popular event and are discounted heavily so that our student members can afford to attend.

Social Ride

Social ride, Similar to our Social Drive, this event is more tailored to members on two wheels. The format is the same meeting at an initial location and revealing a secret destination. Everyone rides together to a pub or restaurant to enjoy some food, refreshments and some good banter.

4WD Trips

Whether you have a 4WD or not, these are great social events. There are always extra seats in vehicles for those who are keen to come along. A BBQ with some classic sausages in bread for lunch makes for a great social gathering with spectacular views. We typically run 8 of these with the majority day trips near Christchurch, with a few overnight trips further away for the keen campers.

Novelty Events

Throughout the year we also run one off novelty events including, Quiz Nights, Cheap Electric Vehicle and Cheap Car Challenge. All the Cheap challenges involve creating or modifying vehicles on a budget and completing a variety of tasks. Some newer one-off events to Motosoc include, ”Dude what’s wrong with my car” which aims to teach basic maintenance of cars and motorcycles along with “how to” days and detailing clinics, where you can learn how to really love your car.

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