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About Us

Motosoc is the University of Canterbury Motorsport Society. Our club is predominantly comprised of students or ex-students who have a love for all things with a motor. We host events throughout the year for all manner of vehicles including road bikes, dirt bikes, 4 wheel drives, road cars, race cars and boats.

Our Goals

Welcoming new members of the University community is one of our primary goals, as a student it can be hard to find the money or the time to enjoy your passions. We provide a way to get involved in a safe manner, meet other students and make friendships that last a lifetime.

We aim to provide our members with the best events, and this includes ensuring that they are well organised, have the correct safety gear and are at an affordable price for students.

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Upcoming Events for 2022 Members:

The absolute best club around: Christchurch, NZ

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